EFOODTRAINER is an organization providing training for individuals working in food handling facilities and/or looking to receive education in food safety handling procedures and requirements in the United States. Our course provides information on how to serve food to the public safely, educate food handlers on different forms of food contamination, what to consider when they purchase and/or receive food, educate and give guidelines for appropriate food storage and temperature control, help to understand the food flow during preparation and serving, give information about food safety management, directions to follow while performing personal hygiene and present how to sanitize and clean food service facilities. After taking our course, individuals will improve quality on handling and serving food for the job tasks and competency. EFOODTRAINER’s Food Handler Certificate Program advantage is in continues update on food handling safety requirements based on the food industry rules, regulations and dynamics....

Our Food Handler course is developed based on Food and Drug Administration Standards (FDA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI) program requirements, specific State’s and local jurisdictions food safety requirements.

If you have any questions or need any additional information contact our Customer Support at support@efoodtrainer.com