Certificate Program Plan Handbook


1. EFOODTRAINER Certificate Program
1.1. Program Purpose
1.2. Program Scope
1.3. Course Outlines
1.4. Course Intended Learning Outcomes

2. EFOODTRAINER Certificate Issuance, Use and Invalidation
2.1. Certificate Requisites
2.2. Certificate Non-Transferability
2.3. Validity Terms
2.4. Certificate Details
2.5. Certificate Invalidation
2.6. Designations
2.7. Continuing Education
2.8. Questions and Complaints
2.9. Certificate Issuance Confirmation
2.10. Certificate Inappropriate Use

EFOODTRAINER Certificate Program

Program Purpose
EFOODTRAINER Food Handler Certificate Program is developed for individuals working in food facilities to educate them and bring awareness on foodborne illness from cross contamination, explain how to protect and eliminate food hazards, provide information about right procedures for receiving, storing, preparing and serving food, emphasize importance of personal hygiene, and pest prevention.

Program Scope
EFOODTRAINER Food Handler Certificate Program includes 2-hour online learning material that includes important information on how to serve food to the public safely, educate food handlers on different forms of food contamination, what to consider when they purchase and/or receive food, educate and give guidelines for appropriate food storage and temperature control, help to understand the food flow during preparation and serving, give information about food safety management, directions to follow while performing personal hygiene and present how to sanitize and clean food service facilities

Course Outlines
Chapter 1: Importance of Food Safety
Chapter 2: Foodborne Illness & Food Temperature Control
Chapter 3: Different Forms of Food Contamination
Chapter 4: Food Safety
Chapter 5: Personal Hygiene
Chapter 6: Purchasing and Receiving Food
Chapter 7: Food Flow During Preparation Process
Chapter 8: Food Flow During Serving Process
Chapter 9: Cleaning, Sanitizing and Pest Control

Course Intended Learning Outcomes
1. The Food Handler will define food safety and its importance.
2. The Food Handler will explain how food becomes hazardous, and recognize how to preserve food, recall symptoms and causes of common foodborne illnesses, identify spoilage signs and causes.
3. The Food Handler will utilize food safety by temperature control (time as a public health control, proper cooling techniques, danger zone – hot and cold holding of potentially hazardous foods).
4. The Food Handler will identify four types of contamination and will be able to minimize/ prevent cross contamination within a food establishment, including the following: the definition of cross contamination and how to prevent it, physical, chemical and biological hazards in foods.
5. The Food Handler will recognize Food Handler roles, responsibilities, Governmental agencies: its roles and responsibilities and food safety management procedures.
6. The Food Handler will promote proper personal hygiene practices while working in a food handler capacity, including the following proper handwashing and food handling practices and techniques.
7. The Food Handler will understand procedures for acquiring and receiving food, considerations for meat, poultry and fish, and proper food storage.
8. The Food Handler will understand time, temperature, and control with relation to food handling, how to properly take the temperature of food and maintain the temperature while storing food and proper use of thermometers and food safety tips.
9. The Food Handler will identify both proper and improper cleaning and sanitizing procedures and implications and identify signs and eradication procedures for pest infestation.

2. EFOODTRAINER Certificate Issuance, Use and Invalidation

Certificate Requisites
EFOODTRAINER Food Handler Certificate will be issued only when all set requisites are fulfilled by trainee. 2-hour self-study of the course material is required and followed by final test to assess learning outcomes. <br> Successful completion of an online EFOODTRAINER Food Handler Course is determined by the achievement of completing online course and passing final test with the score 70% or above.

Certificate Non-Transferability
EFOODTRAINER Food Handler Certificate is only issued to the registered trainees, successfully completed course and final test. This Certificate cannot be transferred and/or extended.

Validity Terms
EFOODTRAINER Food Handler Certificate is valid for three (3) years or less, pursuant to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code updates. Local jurisdictions may have requirements that are allowing less Certificate validity term, in this instance local jurisdiction requirements will supersede EFOODTRAINER’s term.

Certificate Details
EFOODTRAINER Food Handler Certificate includes the following information:
• Certificate holder name
• Certificate program title
• EFOODTRAINER name and logo
• Certificate issuance date
• Validity term

Certificate Invalidation
EFOODTRAINER Food Certificate can be invalidated for the following reasons:
• It was determined that trainee didn’t participate in the required course and final test
• It was determined that trainee cheated on the final exam
• It was determined that a Certificate has been issued by administrative or technical error
• Inappropriate Certificate use
If a Certificate needs to be invalidated, Certificate holder and their employer will receive an email from Customer Support stating that previously issued Certificate is invalidated. The employer will be notified only if the trainee has been registered under group certificate account.

EFOODTRAINER does not grant designations or designation acronyms to the Certificate holders.

Continuing Education
EFOODTRAINER Food Handler Certificate holders does not require any continuing education to maintain their status.

Questions and Complaints
Any questions and/or complaints relating to EFOODTRAINER Food Handler Certificate Issuance and Authority policy should be directed to Customer Service at support@efoodtrainer.com.

Certificate Issuance Confirmation
To confirm progress of the Certificate Program, issuance of the EFOODTRAINER Food Handler Certificate, validity term and Certificate issuance date, contact Customer Support at support@efoodtrainer.com.

Certificate Inappropriate Use
If any EFOODTRAINER trainee uses issued EFOODTRAINER’s Certificate inappropriately, their Certificate will be invalid immediately. Certificate holder and their employer will receive an email from Customer Support stating that previously issued Certificate is invalidated. The employer will be notified only if the trainee has been registered under group certificate account.

How to get a Food Handler Certificate?
Just sign up, pay the course fee, take 2-hour course, take and pass final test and get your certificate, download and print it right away.